Our Simba.

Re: Our Simba.

Postby Geordie » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:18 pm

eboswan wrote:I hope your boy didn't elbow him in the nuts.............I bet he can be one angry dog :lol:

Aye Bri, he's a handful like mate :D
Blackbaronfish wrote:It would make me nutty Haha Raymond lo :roll: ;) l. :mrgreen:


Raj wrote:Nice to see you are still doing fine, Geordie and Simba! :)[/quote ]

Thanks Raj, were aren't too bad, hope your well too my friend. :D

Outandabout wrote:He is looking good, the dog that is. I bet he likes all the attention.
I hope you are keeping well also.

He's nutz Kev, hard work, cheers.
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