fitness tips anyone? bet you all wrote me off!

Re: fitness tips anyone? bet you all wrote me off!

Postby wastrel » Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:38 pm

Blackbaronfish wrote:So what's your daily diet. For what I see your not eating,you haven't left much :geek:


not at all Ray, I eat a lot of fruit salads, Icelandic yoghurt, lots of mixed (proper) salad, prawns & other fresh fish & free range eggs from my local fishmonger, lunch today was a tin of tuna mixed with sweetcorn and some low fat mayo` dinner is chicken curry (made from a home cooked chicken breast I`ve use for soup), so, chicken soup, (this is a great version IMO- [url][/url] )
the gaffer makes vegetable soup so thick it`s more of a broth, I simply blend it then add more water to thin it down a bit, I find eating healthy is cheaper & more tasty than processed food, another light bulb moment was reading an online diet bloke who pointed out that a lot of people think you must eat meat to build muscle, that`s simply not true, a silverback gorilla can reach 450llbs of solid muscle & all they eat is fruit, veg & nuts, that little nugget made a big difference to my attitude to veg, the online guy (reset your body with Terry Givens) said to stop eating bread, rice, pasta & other fluffy white foods `cos they simply don`t move through you quickly enough, backing up other food which causes tummy fat-hence why I decided to follow his plan & not one of the other gazillion online diets out there, so far, it`s worked, OH, & flatbread/wraps with various low fat fillings, I eat a lot of them!
dunno if this made any difference but I stopped drinking dairy milk (for reasons which might start a row on this site-no thanks) & now drink only soya milk!
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Re: fitness tips anyone? bet you all wrote me off!

Postby TenMetrePeter » Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:20 pm

I used to run and cycle in my 40's then after a ruptured disk damaged nerves to my left leg I had to pack in any exercise, pack in FT and rifle and get an automatic car. By continued daily walking I recovered 95% after a year.
After 20 years I developed polymyalgia and asthma and finished up with a carrier bag of meds per month. The 4 years of steroids did their share of damage too. So two years ago I took up morning walking then fast walking then jogging. I now jog 3.5km every other morning at 7mins 30 per km and apart from hypertension pills I am medication free. Cholesterol lower than when on the ghastly statins (nightmares and muscle pain). So proud I was jogging on the day I got my state pension.
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