tower/laptop-keyboard users, take note

tower/laptop-keyboard users, take note

Postby wastrel » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:07 pm

so I asked my daughter tonight to complete an email insurance thing I needed to forward,
SHE POINT BLANK REFUSED TO TOUCH MY KEYBOARD!! said it needed cleaned (& then some)
so, with a dentists double ended pick which I had lying around, some Cillit Bang degreaser & a some tissues, I cleaned the keyboard! no biggie I hear you say, thing is, I can`t remember how old this keyboard is, I`ll guess at 10 years, but (& the point of this post) I used to simply hoover it (the keyboard) from time to time with the brush attachment on my hoover hose, a tissue & some Cillit for the keys & alls well (methought!)
NO!! I used the dentists pick tonight for the first time, I wouldn`t take a pic & post the results out of sheer embarrassment, suffice to say, what came out of my keyboard, `tween & under them keys, well, it was NOT pretty, I understood why my daughter (experienced `puter user) point blank refused to touch them!
Take note gents!
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Re: tower/laptop-keyboard users, take note

Postby eboswan » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:05 pm

Buy a new one you tight bugger :mrgreen:
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