Invincible squirrel

Re: Invincible squirrel

Postby Eddi3 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:55 pm

Roger5 wrote:
robertt wrote:I was referring to pellets 'bouncing' off heads as near misses.
Not through head shots.
I shoot an awful lot of Greys.
Calibre is irrelevant. On the feeder I mentioned I have shot 70 odd in the last two months without a miss.
Whats important is not where you put the pellet in but that it exits through the brain.

Just to lighten this up a bit, I bet my greys are more awful than yours, this is more to do with Eddie letting us all know that he is a shooter that wants to do the right thing by his quarry, he is obviously a caring shooter, there are far to many nutcases out there, who have no respect for what they are doing, nobody gets it right all the time, it's not possible, everyone makes mistakes, but the man who can own up to them, and learn from them has got to be due a lot of respect I think. Getting heavy isn't it. Rog

Spoken like a true gent Rog and thanks for the input mate
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Re: Invincible squirrel

Postby Dr B » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:13 pm

A POI "right" behind the eye is not optimal to my mind. The skull thickens to accommodate the eye socket there. I'd pick a POI nearer the base of the ear. The skull is thinner and you're likely to take the brain stem as well. Switch POI, not calibre.

I've been shooting squizzers for 30+ years with a .22 and they are more than up to the job out to 40yds.

I've done a similar thing with rabbit POI - many years ago I shifted it away from the eye and more towards the base of the ear. Seems to work well if you can pull it off. ;)
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Re: Invincible squirrel

Postby robertt » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:17 pm

Done a dozen or so this year with a new toy which is .177.
Had a problem with one but the rest were flattened.
Must say the .22 definately does significantly more damage.
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