Spring vs. pcp

Re: Spring vs. pcp

Postby pelletcaster » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:50 pm

Pianoman wrote:...You'd be welcome to visit me at my home in Lincolnshire where...

Hi Simon,
a tempting proposal though a little bit difficult due to my location in Austria.

Anyway thanks for your information.
Interesting that you prefer such a low magnification as most shooters would go higher so I think.
I had some excursions into HFT and found around 7 - 8x the best choice for me but on paper targets I'll go higher though never to the max.

And yes - for me its difficult too to get an absolutely precise zero fix on the bulls-eye centres. Hard to do with my aging eyes.
So sometimes I just use the center hole of a DVD-disk and paint some circles or even just some crosses on the card.
My prefered shooting position is seated from a table, stockhand on Caldwell (for my springers) or "BR-style" with forestock on Caldwell and stockhand under the stockend in the shoulder (for PCP).

Here some examples with some of my different airguns showing that I seem to understand what you're talking about. ;)
Still working to improve.

Happy & safe shooting.


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Re: Spring vs. pcp

Postby TenMetrePeter » Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:46 am

Use decent NSRA short fibre cards and use them back to front.
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