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Postby Pianoman » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:48 am

I certainly will report back here when the job's been done on mine 2dotstar. It's not just the kit but, I'm having a radical fettle of the whole rifle's internals done, including stripping and retuning the trigger which I consider vital to accuracy. It needs a bit more feel on second stage than at present. It's dangerously light and hard to bring to a controlling pause before it lets go. I need just a wee bit more resistance and a smooth break under my finger and it'll be brilliant.

The rifle is incredibly accurate as it is, but, if we can just quieten down and smooth the internal firing cycle, reduce the recoil, get the trigger to perfection and maintain consistant power of at least 11.5+ foot-pounds energy, this will produce an astonishing hunting performance from what is a beautiful air rifle to begin with.

That's the goal for it at least! :roll:
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