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Re: Tx 200 spread

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:05 pm
by gary martin
Roj 252 wrote:PS : Thanks Gary, before I do anything I'll get a few more Crono's done of the latest figures to be sure of the No's and then perhaps contact AA, as in the near future I'm planning on doing a bit of hunting, ..... as FPS means Prizes : -)


a rabbit hit square in the brain could not tell the difference between 10.5 ft/lb and 12 ft/lb accuracy equals prizes. increasing the power could have a negative effect, eg increased recoil/surge . it could have the effect of making your prized batch of pellets not so efficient. if you are using it for hunting, work out your max range/group size and stick to it, get to know the effects of wind etc. I am sure your rifle could out perform all of us at hunting ranges. we are the weak link.