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Postby cooper_dan » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:08 am

Quick update. The longer latch rod got assembled last night so the loctite should be cured this morning
Also I got a parcel from our very own Julian Bond. Proper Mk2 spring and guides. So much better than the titan ones you have to cut down every single time :x

I've taken lots of photos during the process and am currently writing up a fairly lengthy blog post as a kind of walkthrough. All the pictures will be in there. The latch rod is 18mm longer than standard which gives 80mm stroke. This makes it almost identical to the original HW77 specs. The anti-beartrap might not work at this stroke, but I don't use it anyway so not too fussed about that.
I did a bit of a bodge to get the latch rod straight. Carefully wound some PTFE tape around the outside of the old top hat, until it was a snug fit inside the piston. Then did the same to the latch rod so it was a tight fit inside the top hat. When assembled together this keeps everything central. PTFE tape worked really well because it's so thin so could be layered up to exactly the right size. A quick measure this morning showed its almost spot on.
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