posting pictures on here using photobucket

posting pictures on here using photobucket

Postby wastrel » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:18 pm

I`ve messaged a few members on here about how to post pictures using Photobucket, so much that I`ve decided to put it in this post hopefully with a couple of tips you maybe didn`t know about & helping any new (or old) members.
in print this looks MUCH more complicated than it really is, all clicks are left unless I say right (right! :D )
you`ll need a photobucket account, just fill in some basic details & register, hey presto. now, when I upload pics to my account (still in photobucket here mind) I find it helps to `drag` the pics I wanna upload from the picture folder onto my `puter home screen, simply click top right of your screen the double box icon, this will (if you`re in full screen mode) resize the folder smaller with your homescreen/desktop in the background, in `tile` mode in the picture folder, left click on the pic but keep the button held down & simply drag the picture out of the box onto the home screen, this will make the picture easier to find & quicker to upload. when you click the `upload` button a menu on the left will give you all the options (locations) you can find your pics, click desktop & the pics you want will be displayed along with your other desktop stuff, click on each pic in turn then upload & your pics will arrive in you photobucket account in a few seconds.
open a second page & open the AAOC forum, start a new topic or if your answering a post you`ll need to be in `post reply` option, NOT `quick reply`
when you`ve typed a message I like to hit the `enter` button before & after adding the picture to display the picture on it`s own with any txt above & below the picture, so, type, then hit enter THEN hit the `Img` button above the box your typing in & 2 Img`s will appear surrounded by square looking brackets, back to your photobucket account & on the right of the picture you wanna add there`s a list of options, click `direct` & it will glow yellow then say `copied.
now the tricky part, back to the message in AAOC where the 2 Imgs are displayed in those square brackets, you need to click dead centre of the 2 inner brackets, the cursor can jump L/R sometimes but no problem, simply move it slightly & click again until it`s flashing in between those brackets, when it is, right click on the cursor & in the options now displayed click `paste` & you`ve just added a picture into your message, you can scroll down & click `preview` to check all is well, add txt in the box below the displayed message if you want, then click `submit` & hot jiminy cricket, you`ve done it!!
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