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Batch tested Ammunition

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:05 pm
by Kwaka
I have for sometime been shooting bench rest with my CZ455 .22lr getting some reasonable scores considering its a sporting rifle and i'm using cheap ammo.

Not long ago I got involved in a conversation about using batch tested ammo. i.e. matched to the rifle. At nearly three times the cost of the stuff that I use I naively asked if it really was worth it!

Well the other week I found out. I borrowed a friends target rifle and used my ammunition, a nice group for five shots well under a five pence piece at 25 metres. I then switched to the batch tested ammunition and instantly put two rounds down virtually on top of each other! It also eliminated that once in a while flier that you could not reasonably explain. I shot a couple of cards and my scores went up by three points!!!!

So I guess it does make a difference, just not sure I can justify the extra cost tho'. Maybe just search for a more suitable non-prohibitively expensive round.

I see some ammo testing in my future.