joining the church elders

joining the church elders

Postby wastrel » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:29 am

a man walks into a church & sez to the minister "I want to join your effing church"!
minister sez "excuse me"!
bloke sez "I want to join your effing church, I wanna be a church elder"!
minister sez "I don`t think I`d like anyone using that kind of language to join this church"!
bloke sez "in that case, I`d like to speak to your superior"!
minister walks away and go`s to bishops office, sez to bishop "there`s a real mouthy git out there all effing & blinding, sez he wants to join our church, I told him no, sez he wants to speak to you"!
bishop replies "that`ll be right, let me speak to him"!
bishops meets the guy back in the church & sez "can I help you"?
guy sez " I`ve won £4 million on the lottery & I thought that would help me to join your church & be a church elder"!
bishop sez, "and was that useless (@&! trying to make things difficult"?
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